Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hand Painting Textiles

Over the summer I have been hand painting different textiles.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Continuing with video, I submitted two films Inflation Runs Riot , part of globes, and Swim.

Inflation Runs Riot;


Our Degree Show took place at Cat Hill (May 19-23). Here are some photos of Still Sounds

I showed Still Sounds, my main piece for the degree in the Project Space, following Globes.

This walk-through installation consists of selected family photographs printed on textile. The changes in the light and the movements of the translucent images caused by the viewer’s passage through the work echo the transience of nature and memory. The prints are presented in three layers, again to conceal and reveal at the same time.

The accompanying sound installation combines song with recordings taken over the last three years in Glasgow where I grew up, and the Western Isles where my family originates. It explores the emotional resonance of voice and its ability to trigger memory and redefine our sense of time and place.

There are two companion videos. The first, Marion-Lou, is interviews with my two Aunts talking about their lives. The second, Walk-Through, is an experimental film of the installation.
I continued my examination of history and heritage in relation to our increasingly globalised world with the 'Globes' series. Work included drawing, collage, pen and ink studies which developed into the 3D papier-mache sculptures, 'Globes'.

here are some photos from the project space exhibition (March 2010, MDX university);

Over Summer 2010, I did a lot of work on my family photograph collection- drawing, painting and screen printing from selected images.

I felt ready to make this strand of my practice my main work for the forthcoming year.
Just a little update on what I've been up to since my last post.

I showed mobile Babel 2 on canvas and the silk hanging scroll at the Group Exhibition, 'What is Now?' at the Islington Arts Factory in March 2010.

I continued with research on my family photograph work over the academic year.